Designing Solar Sales

Remote Site Assessment and Polished Sales Proposals

System proposalget leads

Solar Simulations give your leads the confidence to buy

For homeowners, the decision to switch to solar is a big one and not something that they can simply try.  Use our Sales proposals, complete with LIDAR assisted 3D models, energy estimates, and a preliminary PV design to give them the confidence they need to buy.

Accurate Validation

Accuracy tested and validated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Client Experience

Gain your own leads by giving your clients a buying experience they’ll tell their friends about

Optimized for sales

Custom  Proposals created with your customer in mindto get them on the path to buy


Stand out from the competition by delivering a proposal your clients can visualize

Rapid Proposals

Guaranteed 24-Hour turnaround time (Monday-Friday)

Quality Leads

We specialize in high quality, Low quantitiy leads

Creating Your Sales Proposal

Convince your clients of the benefits of going solar with an accurate & detailed PV system proposal.

  • 3D Model of Property
  • Preliminary PV System Design
  • Accurate Shading and Production Estimates
  • Poslish PV System Proposal
  • 24-Hour Turnaround

Our Projects

Take a look at a few of our most recent projects completed for our clints

Our Lead Generation

We specialize in High Quality, Low Quantity organic leads.  Our system does not rely on promotional activities but instead seeks to educate the consumer and get them on the path to going solar. 

Built with Honesty, Community & Professionalism. We create remote solar simulations. It is our goal to help you get Solar on top of as many roofs as possible.

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